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Updated: Dec 15, 2019

Do you remember when you took behind the wheel training for driver’s education? One thing

the instructor stresses is to double, and triple check your surroundings because there are spots that are hard to see; they are called BLINDSPOTS.

Guess What! Blindspots also happen in small business.

There are areas that we either choose to ignore or don’t have the perspective to see what others do. Here are four areas we see small business owners struggle with:

1) Being vulnerable

Too proud to ask for help. They either think they can do it all or just do not realize they are not good at or have the skills to do everything that needs to be done in their business.

2) Avoiding conflict

Let’s just sweep that under the rug, it’ll go away, right? WRONG. Dealing with conflict in the moment heads off frustration, increased anxiety for all parties and a clear voice as to what path your business will take. Healthy conflict can be a great thing for businesses.

3) Hindering innovation/creativity

“We’ve always done it this way.” These 6 words are DANGEROUS to businesses looking to grow and differentiate from their competition. This is a killer of new ideas. It may be caused by fear or just plain laziness, either way encouraging new ideas and THE WILLINGNESS TO FAIL are a must, it’s the only way a company will grow.

4) Not honoring people’s time

Lack of communication, showing up late and constantly rescheduling are often signs that you don’t respect other’s time as much as your own. Are you always the late person or are you the person that is always waiting for the late person? You know what I’m talking about. Make a commitment and stick with it.

Did you know that 50% of the knowledge you need to run your business in 5 years doesn't exist today?

Keep yourself up to date. There’s so much more to know and there’s so much we will share with you.

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