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Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Here are a few things they will not teach you in college.

  • College is expensive, really freaking expensive.

  • 30% of college freshman never make it to their sophomore year.

  • 50% of college students never graduate.

Cost of college chart
Source: U.S. Department of Education - Nov 16

A four-year public college degree is going to cost (on average) $90,356. For students who take out a loan as a freshman and drop out after the first year will have a debt over $20,000. Sadly, these students would have been better off not going at all.

One way to avoid this financial disaster

Be ready physically, mentally, and emotionally for college. Consider asking the following questions before heading to the bank for a college loan:

  • Why am I going to college? Am I going for myself or someone else?

  • Is college the best place for me? Have I considered other options?

  • Do I have the financial backing I need to get through four years of college? If not, how can I get the money needed?

  • What’s my defined plan? What happens if the plan needs to change?

  • Who can I talk to when things get tough?

Ready for college?

If you are ready, that’s great! If you’re not ready, that’s great too! It takes courage to come to that conclusion and you still have time to get ready! There are a ton of people who would love to help you.

Once you are ready, here are a few tips to help you on your journey:

College frustrations
  • Strong grades alone will not ensure success, you must be emotionally strong too.

  • Time management and study habits must be mastered before you head off.

  • Learn how to build relationships and make new friends with the right people.

  • Develop a support system before you go. Parents can play a major role; however, everyone’s behavior (students and parents) will need to change. This can be a very difficult transition for parents who only see their student as their little baby instead of a young adult.

  • Remember the goal is to graduate. Right?

Believe this

As I stated before, students are going to be tested in college, physically, mentally, emotionally and they are going to need all the support they can get.

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