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I met Deb through a mutual friend over coffee.  Ever since that day, my journey moving forward to start my own business has been positive and very faith driven.  I knew I needed professional help with promoting my message but my mid-west stubbornness kept me from hiring Lion's Way sooner rather than later.  Well, later arrived and I can not be more thrilled with the outcome.  Deb & Scott were able to provide me with a professional website, documents needed to register my business, and a marketing plan for my prospective clients.   All in a very timely manner.  I am so happy with the results!  



I paid for one of those world-renowned operating systems to be implemented into my business.  After three years all I really got was lighter in my wallet and rock bottom performance.  I took a chance and called Scott.  He came highly recommended and after talking to him I realized why.  Lion’s Way does not offer a cookie cutter system.  They took the time to look at our business and provided me with an incredible continuous improvement plan. YES, it actual works. NO, it did not cost me a fortune and they still provide hands on support so my team can sustain all the improvements we made.  Love Lion’s Way!


I got into business for myself to have fun and control my future.  Somewhere between forecasts, sales reports, and employee issues, I forgot why I started my shop in the first place.  Lion's Way showed me I can indeed be both successful and have a blast doing it.


Deb & Scott - Thank you again for having us participate in your 'Game day' event.  I want to let you know that it was an extremely positive experience.  I feel like since the event, our group has been communicating much better and working as a more cohesive unit, which makes for a much better work environment for everyone. Thanks again!


I reached out to Scott at Lions Way at a time when I was “stuck” and couldn’t see any way to move forward. Some of the things I appreciate about my time with Scott is that he didn’t try to apply a “silver bullet” do this and you’ll get that approach. The sessions were flexible and personal to my situation.  The focus wasn’t just to get unstuck but to learn how to stay unstuck in the future. Most of all I value the relational nature of the process, and at the end of it I have friends with Scott and Deb.


Thank you for having faith in us Scott and Deb. Your commitment on a professional level is amazing, as well as your guidance to us on a personal level, exceeds anything I think any one of us had expected. That level of support encompasses so much that is needed; normally each of us as individuals, may dismiss one aspect of our lives in order to raise another. I want it all. I want us all to have it all. I feel it. And now I can see it.


Thanks for today’s meeting, it was great!  It’s starting to come together!!  I’m excited about the business again.  You helped me get my passion back. Thank you!


My personal and professional life have been at odds for years.  Scott has showed me that I need to find a balance in order to be happy.  Helping me become a stronger leader at work and at home is something I will forever be grateful for.


Our company was going through a huge amount of change that was creating anxiety throughout the organization.  Scott guided us through the process and actually made it fun and a smooth transition.  What could have been chaotic and stressful was actually very well received and our team is working smarter because of his guidance.


I chose to hire Scott and Deb to navigate me and my team thru unfamiliar waters, and keep myself and my partners on track as we iron out the details of our new venture. I appreciate the knowledge they brought to the table regarding the planning, phases and task aspects of a startup. I also find their candor and honesty with me, as I move thru this process, to be refreshing and constructive. The investment in Lion’s Way’s services has been invaluable. For anyone looking to get “unstuck”, look towards them. You will not be disappointed.


Change is not easy or so I have been told.  When I decided that it was time to sell my business and the prospective buyers started doing their due diligence, I realized that I had forgotten to plan accordingly.  I soon found that I had not put anything in place for someone else to run the business.  It was overwhelming to think that I needed to put my 30 years of running my business into procedures others could understand and run with.  Thank you Lion's Way for helping me take that stress away.  By the way, retirement is awesome!


Just over one year ago, I was struggling hard in business and it was leaking into my family life. Heck, I am still a couple steps away from getting fully grounded and balanced. It will take a move into town and simplifying our life/overhead and finding some resources to help out as I am swimming in bookwork between residential/commercial sales, development in Horace, managing 3 commercial properties, and managing 15 entities. But I am close and I am getting pushed to a spot where I will choose to be happy and as sustainable as I can be...I owe a huge thank you to Scott Greelis with Lion's Way Consulting!

We have been working together for a year now and I have had him help me in huge helping form a development team, in creation of a vision/mission that guides me daily to make sure that our decisions are guided by the right voices, in holding me accountable for my own behavior and decisions, in identifying people that will work cohesively in obtaining a goal, in identifying people that are just not the right fit to work with (even if it takes me 6 months longer to fully take his advice), in establishing proper communication and boundaries to maintain good working relationships (trust me, I still struggle with this as I get too passionate and don't always communicate until I snap - It's that communication that isn't direct enough that sets up later damage).

He keeps pushing me in the right direction even though I am stubborn like my father when it comes to taking advice as we like to blaze our own trail. Here we are trying to be happy and sustainable and we have more overhead than I can keep up with in sales, especially living in the sticks and with development being a long process. We have to change ourselves before we can give what we want to this community. My ego needs to shut the hell up about having a big house/ranch. Scott reminds me of this. Who needs it? I have an amazing family and that's really all I need to be happy. 

I write this not to have you jump into my head too's really crazy in there. I write this because Scott and Lion's Way has helped my right a ship that was sinking due to overextension, poor communication on my part, improper boundaries, and lack of accountability. I'm indebted to Scott and his wife Deb (and thank you to Dawn for the introduction).
If anyone needs help in business consulting, I do think a cup of coffee with Scott to see if it is a good fit is a worthwhile conversation. Without his help, I may not be around to kiss my kids good night.

Cheers to the eagles and the people that want to better themselves and each other. I hope to get there someday.


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