Get your shtuff together people

Driving into my daughter’s elementary school parking lot for the morning drop off has become a frustrating event for me. The reason – people do not know what the correct procedure is - or they just don't give a crap. Either way, it also takes longer than it should, it can be unsafe for the kids and frustrating for everyone.

This procedure is so basic – so fundamental – it is just like breathing. That’s why I suppose no one took the time to draw it up and train everyone on it. Well that all ends today folks! So here you go - the proper procedure for elementary school drop off.

Let's start off with Figure 1.

1. Vehicles begin at the entrance point of the school parking lot.

2. Vehicles “A”, “B”, & “C” proceed to the designated drop off station.

3. Children exit the vehicles quickly and safely.

4. Vehicles “D”, “E”, & “F” wait until “A”, “B”, & “C” exit the drop off station.

Figure 2 shows the next steps in the procedure.

5. Vehicles “D”, “E”, & “F” proceed to the designated drop off station.

6. Children exit the vehicle quickly and safely.

7. Vehicles “G”, “H”, & “I” enter the school parking lot and wait until vehicles “D”, “E”, & “F” exit the drop off station.

This process continues until all of the children have been safely unloaded.

Simple, right? Not so fast!