How to stop suffering from business owner burnout

Updated: Dec 16, 2019

Could you do me a favor? Read the list below and mentally check all that apply to you:

__ I am frustrated by the way my business is going.

__ If someone offered to buy my company today, I would strongly consider it.

__ I’m worried about hiring the right people, retaining customers, and growing my cash flow.

__ The younger workforce is driving me crazy.

__ Going into work doesn’t bring me the energy and satisfaction it used to.

__ My home life and personal time are becoming more important to me.

If you checked more than two of the above statements, then you could be suffering from career burnout.

According to the Mayo Clinic, career burnout symptoms include:

  • Feeling cynical

  • Having trouble getting motivated

  • Being irritable or impatient with coworkers and customers

  • Low productivity

  • Low energy and concentration

  • Feelings of dissatisfaction and disillusionment

You’re not alone

According to Charlie DeWitt of Kronos, burnout is at “epidemic proportions.”

The Small Business Administration’s key findings from 2018 also point to the shocking frequency for which businesses are closing their doors due to retirement and being just plain old tired. In its report, the U.S. Census Bureau Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs showed that of businesses with employees that closed in 2015:

  • The No. 1 reason was low sales

  • The No. 2 reason was owners retiring or selling the business

It doesn’t have to be this way