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It’s Summertime, we get it…

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Summertime is a great time to invest in your employees and customers

Employees and hopefully business owners are taking deserved and much needed time off. Everyone needs a break to refresh and reboot and as Midwesterners know, we need to get out and soak up the Vitamin D while we can, because honestly our summers are way too short! You knew there was a BUT coming, didn’t you? My calendar only has 12 months in it, how about yours?   

As consultants, we often hear, “we are taking the summer off from training, our marketing, or working on our continuous improvement plans (if they have one)”, “our office is a skeleton crew most days so nothing would get done anyway”, or “we will hit it hard in September.” These statements sound like the Alice Cooper song “School’s Out for Summer.” Summer has somehow gotten tied to complacency.

Teachers recommend taking different approaches with kids over the summer to keep up on reading and math skills (gotta love little entrepreneurs with lemonade stands) to overcome the summer slump. Why should businesses be any different? In small business, it is usually feast or famine and taking a WHOL